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Below is a list of the information we need in order to provide you an insurance quote.

Auto Insurance

Name, Address, Date of Birth, Male/Female, Marital Status
Driver’s License #, Accidents or Violations in the past 5 years
Year, Make, Model and Vehicle Identification Number
Usage: Pleasure/Work, # of miles to work daily
Full Coverage or Liability & Deductibles: Comprehensive & Collision

Homeowner’s Insurance

Name, Address, Date of Birth
Year built, square footage
Exterior (Brick, Vinyl, Wood, etc.)
# of Stories, Foundation (basement, slab, crawlspace)
# of Bathrooms
Type of flooring (carpet, laminate, hardwood)
Porches or decks (square footage)
Heating & Cooling System
Pool or Trampoline
Within city limits, distance to fire hydrant
Any prior losses in the last 3 years